Our mission here at Health Hangry is to help you achieve your best quality of life by offering high quality, straightforward, Ad Free learning so you can experience health education with a new excitement to stay the course!

We hope this finds you in the best of health and also in a state of feeling "Health Hangry" to stay the course! We are here for Your Health and want to help you!

If you are hangry for information about how to improve and maintain your health and need answers to your specific health questions and issues, without all those annoying, disruptive ads that wreck havoc on your concentration (while you try to gain insight and a clear understanding), then pull up a chair and get your fill right here with us!

Here at "Health Hangry", we are committed to bringing you a higher standard of quality reading and learning and a fresh approach to up to date information on all health and wellness topics completely ad free!

Really, how does anyone actually stay focused to learn and enjoy the educational reading experience while being bombarded by irrelevant ads that have nothing to do with health?!

It can be frustrating and quite frankly, rude! But rest easy, you won't see those irritating interruptions here! They don't belong here! We are here for your health!

In addition to being completely ad free, you no longer need to search and dig through or go between dozens of websites for your answers but can now, conveniently, get your fill and facts all in one place right here at "Health Hangry."

Keep in mind knowledge is potential, but applying knowledge is power. We hope you benefit from the learning here and also feel encouraged to get hangry about improving your health!

Put your newfound knowledge into action to impact your life for the better! Get excited about your new health journey as you explore health education in a new light with every insightful article/report guiding you to yet another informative, inspiring post.

You can quickly find specific topics by using the tags option in the navigation menu at the top of this site or simply by typing a keyword of interest in the search bar.

Rest assured, we are devoted to the continued and expansive growth of "Health Hangry" adding new enlightening health posts every week, including major health discoveries.

Did you know many of the most important health breakthroughs being discovered today by leading doctors and medical research centers are not being shared?

These breakthroughs usually don’t get much publicity but are reported in medical journals intended for doctors such as The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, and The American Heart Journal to name just a few.

Sometimes these discoveries are made in distinguished health centers around the world and receive very little or no news in the United States. In other instances, major breakthroughs escape the media because they are achieved in private practices whereby the highly esteemed doctors reveal their findings only to professional medical societies.

The under-reporting of discoveries and the withholding of that new crucial knowledge can be detrimental to you and those you love.

This is just another reason why we created "Health Hangry" -- to educate you and to keep you abreast of new health findings as well as provide informative posts about all things health in hopes to help better your quality of life.

Once you see inside "Health Hangry", you will understand why so many sign up and become steadfast members. You can't put a price on your health or the wealth of information that helps you live healthier and happier.

Members find the reading and learning here exciting and inspiring and thus, continue to strive for a new healthier lifestyle on a daily basis!

And now you can try it, too, with no risk whatsoever.

Our values of excellence and compassion combined with our ultimate mission of helping to improve the health of as many lives as possible through education are firmly built on a foundation and force of hope, strength, and virtue.

Our goal is to offer continuous, new, high quality, long-lasting learning that is readily available at your fingertips 24/7, so you can feel fully satisfied and content in your quest for answers concerning your health.

We are your trusted health source, your least expensive and most effective supply of health information. May you find "Health Hangry" a godsend in your pursuit of health, wellness, and happiness!

To your good health,

Jolene Banks
Executive Research Director
Health Hangry, LLC

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